Salim Akoojee (PhD) is an independent international associate and Associate Professor (Adjunct) at the University of 
      the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (South Africa).  He provides customised teaching, training, research and development
      and academic support services. Extensive experience in policy and skills development (in the area of Technical and 
      Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has enabled provision of individualised services tailored to individual
      and organisational needs. Commitment to excellence with an extensive background with years of experience  
      in teaching, teacher education, university and  research management will ensure that you get the most out limited 
      resources. Extensive experience in both developed and transition contexts has provided considerable expertise in 
      various skills development areas, including teaching, academic advising, teacher development and various               
      associated academic activities customised to needs. He has authored and co-authored numerous books, academic
      journal and various research-related products. He has also delivered papers in numerous international fora and is
      currently serving editorial and related functions in a range of international and national  (South African) academic
      networks, including the International Network of Apprenticeships (INAP) and International Journal for Research into
      Vocational Education and Training (IJRVET). Recent engagements include technical specialist to the UN
     (UNESCO/UNEVOC Centre for TVET www://; NORRAG, DFID and the National Council of Innovation (NACI) in the
      Department of Science and Technology; the Human Sciences Research Council and SRC and Wits Research in
     Education and Labour market (REAL) and the South African Human Resources Development Council of South Africa 

Organisational Profile

  • UNESCO-UNEVOC: International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training – Bonn – Germany  ( 2015)
  • NACI (National Council for Innovation): – Department of Science and Technology - South Africa (2014/15)
  • Wits (REAL)/NORRAG/PREJET (Argentina): Transnational Comparative Skills Development
  • NORRAG: International Experts Meeting – Zhejiang (China), 2014
  • DFID: TVET IN Pakistan (Punjab)
  • Human Sciences Research Council: Skills for Innovation in the Automotive Sector, 2014
  • Mining Qualifications Authority: Sector Skills Plan (2015) Skills for Mineworkers (2014/15)